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Babyvita Kannankaya Powder is a traditional food for children prepared from kannankaya procured directly from organic farmers and farmer groups, using latest machineries under the supervision of experts. Babyvita Kannankaya Powder is a blessing of nature prepared hygienically in the same reciepe as followed by Grandmas. Babyvita Kannankaya Powder can be prepared in the form of a porridge.

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Dehydrated Kannankaya, Cardamom, Sugar.

Preparation:Mix babyvita with milk or water. Stir well and boil to make homogenous paste. Babyvita powder is slightly sweetened. Sugar and salt may be added to make delicious.


  • Energy Value (kcal)-374.00
  • Carbohydrate,g - 88.40
  • Sugar - 23.60
  • Dietary Fibre, g - 12.70
  • Protein, g-02.06
  • Total Fat, g-00.80
  • Saturated Fat, g - 02.85
  • Poly Unsaturated Fat,g - 00.16
  • Mono Unsaturated Fat,g - 00.23
  • Trans Fat,g - 00.00
  • Vitamin A, mg - 00.00
  • Vitamin C, mg - 11.50