Your Baby gonna love it It's Delicious And Full of Love

Babyvita brings you a nutrient rich easily digestible traditional diet.

We strive for customer delight through production and supply of the quality products.

Our major raw materials are Navara, Rice, and Dehydrated banana powder, Cardamom, Wheat and Ragi.

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Our Products

Medicinal properties, no artificial and synthetic ingredients, immunize children and adults.

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If you have any questions about Babyvitta or any feedback on our products, we would love to hear from you.. This is product which is build on the trust of customers so we are always at your service..

About babyvita

Best India Food Processing Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Traditional and Proprietary food manufacturers in South India. It took over the business of Safety Foods Pvt. Ltd., the producer of the brand Babyvita, as a part of market expansion.

Our products have been recognized and accepted for its natural quality and results beyond geographical boundaries and borders over the period of more than two decades and the trust affirmed by millions of consumers on us are awesome and inspirational. Due to this wide acceptance, the demand of our product went up manifold over the years.

The management Started journey in 1991 with the brand Babyvita Traditional foods followed by Grandmas’ recipe, as an idea evolved inthe thoughts of our founder Mr. V.K.Aboobacker, landmark innovation, that democratized the use of Traditional foods among the masses in Kerala, later on Babyvita has become legendary player in the segment. He shaped the company to create innovative products by combining the best of nature and technology to improve the lifestyle of consumers. Under his inspiring leadership, the company has expanded into other food segments like instant products, health drinks and snacks both in domestic and international markets.

Over the years, Babyvita has successfully transformed the food habits of a society for a certain extent and upgraded itself from a single level brand to a multi level player in the sector with a wide array of products. Recently, company started new segment with varied products as instant to follow the changing consumer behaviors.....

Quality & Safety

We strive for customer delight through production and supply by complying international standards and continually improving its effectiveness by achieving quality objectives.We have implemented frame to fork food safety System. Company conforms to (FSMS)..

Technology & Process

Pesticide residue is the amount of pesticide that remains in or on food, rescent studies are proved that various health risks are associated with pesticide residues,while the consumers eat the food containing having higher residues of pesticides and fertlisers in it.So,the Management of Babyvita ....


We have adopted HACCP based food safety system. We have well equipped Microbiology lab and Chemistry lab. Every batch of the product under goes quality evaluation for microbiological and chemical parameters. The products are marketed only if the quality evaluation reports are satisfactory.



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